eCommerce Platform Consultancy

Deciding to re-platform, change or migrate an existing eCommerce platform can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be. With Magento confirming the hard deadline for retirement of Magento versions 1.x.x in June 2020, there are lots or brands & retailers considering their next move.

This strategic retirement decision by Adobe (who now own the Magento brand), has created some velocity within the eCommerce technology market for vendors with competing products to take some of the Magento market share.

Some of the brands & retailers we have spoken to are considering whether or not to stay with Magento as a platform. Others are looking to move to Magento now that there has been additional functionality announced within the v2.3.x versions of Magento commerce.

Changing your eCommerce platform is always an opportunity to review the aspirations of the business and look to remove any previous technology blocks that have prevented enhancements or integrations in the past.

Our consultancy ethic is to work with you on establishing the key requirements & roadmap for the eCommerce operation within your business. Making sure that any platform for consideration can cover your current requirements and integration points with any 3rd party or offline systems.
Another key piece to ensure of within this process is making sure any potential eCommerce tool has the flexibility to scale and grow as your business and customer expectations do the same.

We operate completely independently from any eCommerce platform vendor but also have senior contacts within the major of platform providers to make sure that every detail of your requirements can and will be validated before you decide on where to make your investment.

Choosing the right development agency for your business is also a key consideration to make. Not all are equal and depending on the complexity and level of detail within your project, there will be some vendors who are better suited than others.