Omni-Channel and 3rd Party Systems Integrations

Omni-Channel retailing has become a bit of a buzzword over the past decade. In reality the ability to have a matching and integrated retail offering across all of your retail channels within a business can be hard to achieve. Often the desire to improve customer experiences & gain wider behavioural insight into your customers purchasing & browsing habits can be quashed at the first step by the seemingly huge challenge of ‘talking tech’ with suppliers.

Using the right technology can be a key part of this process in making sure that your various systems can communicate to allow you to offer the customer experience you strive for. Typically the types of system that need considering are EPOS, ERP, Finance, Warehouse Management, Merchandising and Carrier Integrations amongst many more. Often some of these are legacy platforms that have been in the business for a long time and are cost prohibitive to upgrade or change so wider solutions need to be found.

These challenges can often become amplified due to the need for detailed scoping, requirement gathering and project manager to keep often multiple vendors working together on a single delivery timeline.

We have experience in overcoming all of the above challenges from looking at the use of bespoke ‘middleware’ supplied via a number of different vendors to help your systems share data. Alternatively we can act within a consultative role on your behalf to assist with initially scoping and understanding the potential of connecting existing systems and making sure that the data they share can be utilised.

Please drop us a line with a brief overview of your requirements and we be happy to contact you and discuss in more detail.