What Does an eCommerce Consultancy Do?

What does an eCommerce Consultancy do?

What does an eCommerce Consultancy do, and how we can help are often questions we are asked. To clear things up from the outset, one clear thing we aren’t is a web development agency that builds or maintains web sites and we won’t promise to get you to number 1 on Google overnight – Although we know lots of people that might be able too…

With over a decade of on the job experience, we have experienced some of the good & bad within the eCommerce space and walked in the shoes of marketers & eCommerce managers. Online selling and the myriad of interconnected services, platforms, tools and options create a wealth of choice for businesses but making the right choice for your budget is key to making them work hard for you.

The term ‘ask the wrong question & you’ll get the wrong answer‘ sums up how we aim to help our clients. Our services are built around working with you and your team to initially just get a real understanding of how your eCommerce business operates or plans to operate, your plans for growth & also challenges you face at the moment that technology could improve.

We can help to document this scoping & requirements gathering process for you and also prepare information to send to prospective development agency or software providers to help make sure, they understand exactly what a potential project may entail whilst helping you to control and measure on these requirements being delivered.

Success for us is all about matching the right business to deliver the right projects for the relevant budget. Of course most digital agencies pitching for a web site build will tend to present a solution that covers all of the needs. The devil is then in the details of how they propose to deliver this solution, in what timescale & using what technology or services to achieve the end result.

In some scenario’s this process is a single day on site with you to listen & in return document requirements that help clarify what is actually needed for the business need now, short term & longer term. In other cases we are involved for slightly longer and can write further project documentation around requirements, specifications & proposal documentation.

Please contact us if you require more information on our services or to discuss your potential project.